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Hello, my name is Martin. I am working with Java, C, C++ and sometimes in HTML/PHP.

If you have any tips & ideas, or you want to report error, send me an e-mail.


Codename Language Status Description
VŠB PRG1 C++ Active First part of programming course
OOP Tutorials C++ Passive Object Oriented Programming
VŠB ALG2 Project C++ Completed Algorithms 2 project
VŠB PRG1 Project C++ Completed PRG1 project
Chess PVE C++ Completed Simple player vs. computer chess game
PaperCalc2 C++ Completed Enhanced rework of PaperCalc
PaperCalc Java Completed Calculator for paper
Blog2Week PHP Completed Nette blog challenge
RGB Interface Python 3.5 Paused Inteface for managing LED stripes
CPU-D Java Paused CPU keep system
MBP Java Paused Minecraft backup manager
Bastion of Hell Java Paused Dungeon 2D game
Another Universe Java Closed Test 2D game
Prototype O!Mega Java Closed Minecraft mod